About Telco:

Marketing and Communication Services, InBound & OutBound

We are a marketing and communication company, supported by a sales team with notable performance.

We offer complete OutSourcing platforms for technological and formative development for telemarketing and teleselling campaigns.

Proven structures for Customer Service and organizing the sales agents, promoters, consultants, insurance agents and brokers.

Telco is the ideal partner for the development of marketing initiatives, completed with the attraction of new customers and the development of new operating segments within their own company.



Thanks to our innovative automation support and workflow structure, through our Telco InBound services we also conduct sample surveys and specific campaigns to mark/observe customer satisfaction.


Accompanied by the best predictive technologies and the continuous introduction of profiled and state-of-the-art databases, Outbound Telco campaigns are mainly addressed to the consumer market in Italy.


Our Telco sales team operates in an increasingly professional environment, where the skills and quality of services offered represent a real competitive advantage.


Careers at

Try a career with Telco! Take over 200 hours of training for your success!

We are proud to be ENEL partners in Romania and to contribute to the promotion of their services.

Through this partnership, we believe we can bring added value to both Romanian consumers and our collaborator. Within this partnership, Telco is responsible for creating a motivated team to get in touch with end-users.

Honorary Consulate
Telco, partners of Cofindustria Romania, supports the Honorary Consulate of Italy in Timisoara and participates in the census of Italian citizens from Timisoara.

The modern Telco International building in the center of Timisoara hosts Confindustria Romania Timis Delegation headquarters, providing antrepreneurs with the presence of Confindustria in Romania and, of course, adequate support for local growth.


We, Telco, believe in the development of the company, the business environment and the cultural infrastructure in the area. Here you can find out the latest news and information on how you could also make a contribution to the company, along with the Telco team.