The innovative project of Telco, PRETORIAN, is inspired by the PRETORIAN ROMAN GUARD: soldiers elected from legions who were assigned the most diverse tasks: from the emperor’s bodyguard to secret services or administrative and police tasks.
Telco Pretorians are expert and certified operators with the ability to manage any type of phone conversation.
Train with the most innovative techniques for ‘commercial problem solving’, the pretorians are the elite of telemarketing.
Whether in-bound or out-bound campaigns, PRETORIANS can support commercial phone deals in 6 different languages, understanding the dynamics behind ‘optimizing geolocalization’ and managing dynamic agendas. At the same time, they interpret the call script with an evolved commercial view.
Every Pretorian has at least three years of experience in the Call Center. For both Business and Consumer clients, Pretorians are empowered to carry out complex telemarketing, customer satisfaction and surveys.
There is no hierarchy or group leader in PRETORIAN’S workgroup.
PRETORIANS manage their work in full autonomy or are divided into groups of 4 or 5, united in the script development activities or in brainstorming on the script provided by the client.
As long as there is a product or a sales service, someone will need to make calls to schedule a meeting between the seller and the buyer. And there is no better professional to do than a PRETORIAN.