Telco’s HOUSTON project was born to ensure greater control over the sales network activity and an ever-increasing standard of pre-programmed quality to support the sales network itself. Houston reproduces the logic accompanying Apollo missions in the darkness of the cosmic space: if the commercial agent is an astronaut, thanks to constant support and Houston advice, even the most difficult journey could be lightened by teamwork and staff intelligence.
Houston is made up of 3 departments: Quality Control, Sales Support and Recall. An expert team accompanies the agent in the sales process: Once the call center has established a meeting with the client, the Houston Quality Control staff checks the quality of the appointment by contacting the customer again the day before. Logically, if the client does not demonstrate the proper interest, the meeting is canceled. Applying this additional filter clearly improves the quality of the appointments provided to the agent, thus optimizing the sales opportunity. Houston provides detailed notes on the meeting, the client’s situation (to be visited) and the geolocation of the property.
In addition, it changes or refreshes the meeting in the event of the customer or agent being unable to attend, thus increasing the number of visits. To avoid appointments being rescheduled by agents, they are provided to the him or her without the customer’s telephone number.
In fact, the project does not involve any contact between the client and the agent before the visit. If the agent is unable to visit the customer at the scheduled time, it is enough to contact Houston, who will reprogram the meeting in the most efficient way.
Houston includes a POST-SALES team, called Recall, which analyzes the agents’ report and contacts customers again to confirm it. Within the next 24 hours of the meeting, the customer is contacted by a Recall operator who makes a phone call to check the quality of the visit.
On this occasion, if necessary, the key concepts of the negotiation are strengthened and the possible doubts of the clients are clarified.