Cloud Assistant

Cloud Assistant is an innovative Telco merger program that merges into one service, the experience of a call center and the quality of a personal assistant.
Cloud Assistant is the perfect personal operator. It’s the voice of the agent on the phone with the client.
Manages agendas, saves lists, guarantees sales opportunities with criteria set by the seller.

Cloud Assistant can be rented on a monthly basis!

Cloud Assistant is perfectly trained for Telemarketing, Quality Control and Dispatch activities.
The assistant is an evolved operator capable of producing a quality appointment / meeting, confirming it, and managing it for any type of agenda, following time, date, and geolocation criteria provided by the buyer.
Thanks to the assistant, any campaign can be personalized 360° style because the assistant becomes a resource for the seller: a FLAT service, measurable by its content, at any time.
It is the buyer himself who instructs the assistant on the content of the script, and uses the assistant and his or her commercial capabilities according to their own discretion.
In addition to telemarketing or quality control, the assistant can perform any kind of telephone activity required by the client: from your personal secretary to the morning alert, remodeling the script, according to the provided parameters.
The assistant guarantees the best performance you want, no matter what the content of the script provided by the client is.
Telco’s „Cloud Assistant for Rent” service includes:
1. a Cloud Assistant.
2. a work desk with fiber access to Internet and telephone services.
3. in-bound green number to which only the assistant answers.
4. account for Skype link with the assistant.
5. FUB lists with over 200,000 demographics.
6. predictive dialer technology with optimized interconnection.
7. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, dedicated exclusively to you.
8. developing or refining the call script.
9. 184 hours of „body renting” (renting assistant) at just 1,750 euros / month.